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Traphouse Druglord

Free Android Version:

To abide by Google Play's policies the mobile version of the game has had to change. We have had to take out the drugs and growing weed. The game still operates the same and we hope it does not damage the experience. In the mobile version you have to sell candy to make it out of the Traphouse. The PC version is being expanded upon.

Mobile Version of Traphouse

Traphouse Druglord Uncut Android

The Android Uncut edition is now available for Android  and is currently an Itch.io exclusive. The Uncut edition has NO ads and is the Drug Dealer Simulator we all know and love.

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A drug dealer simulator In a city full of drugs, gangs, corrupted officials, crooked cops, low paying jobs, and high rent, all your character wants to do is get out!  Your character has a plan. Make $100,000 and stash it back. Get $100,000 in the safe,  get 1000 TrapCoins, the new cryptocurrency, and when you leave give $50,000 to the homies. Deal with paying rent. Buying supplies. Police, rival gangs trying to rob you, while buying and making drugs to sell them and fund this plan to get to paradise. Your own private island.


  • 3 different drugs
  • Buy weed and coke
  • Buy supplies like baking soda, water, bullets, and bags
  • Use coke, baking soda, and water to cook crack
  • Buy and sell TrapCoin the in-game cryptocurrency
  • Music with visualizations that show on the table and give game play perks
  • Live stats in the living room
  • Grow Room to grow your own plants
  • Robberies, rent, police, and a fast paced constant challenge to reach your goal

Please contact us with any bugs, issues, or features you would like to see. 


Latest Version is available

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How do I get my grow room cuz I was trap God and didn't know how to get it

When have more than 200 experience there should be a button that appears in the computer room. Did you ever have a panel show up that told you that you were getting seeds?

How to get weed and buy coke in this game ( Android version)

Tap on the phone and hit the messages Icon. There will be 2 buttons. One for weed and one for coke. Click the one you want and a new screen will appear. Hit the arrows to change the amount. Hit buy and the product will appear on the table. Tap and hold on the product you bought and drag it  to the scale to bag it. Use the shopping cart icon to buy bags.

hey for this game pls upload onto steam :)

We have plans to put Traphouse on Steam in the future after we are done with the next few updates! Thank you for your feedback!