Traphouse Druglord Update 0.99.1

Hey everyone,

We are making good progress on the next Traphouse Druglord update. This update is to version 0.99.1 and we have added numerous features, fixed some annoying bugs, and have done some game testing. We hope that before we release we will be able to add just a couple more features and test a little more. We hope to have this update out before Christmas or a month or two into 2021. This update will hopefully make the experience much more enjoyable. Some of the things that are improved are:

The Radio

Traphouse Druglord Radio Update

The radio now gives you the ability to either play the original beats that are in the game or add a directory that contains music(.mp3) files to play your own music and still get the abilities the radio gives. The radio GUI is improved and will now stay open and you can click on the radio to open or close it even if a song is playing. You can also now adjust the volume and even mute the sound by moving the slider all the way to the left. We still plan to add a little bit more to this, but we are liking it so far and think it will create a better experience.

We are unsure if we should go ahead and play the visuals that we have for custom music. The beats wouldn’t align with it since the visuals were specially made for each beat that is originally in the game. We really like the visuals, but haven’t heard much feedback about it. Let us know what you think and if we should go ahead and just let the visuals play on the table.

Onion Farmer Darknet Market

Onion Farmer Darknet Markets is a place to buy seeds, bulk water, and bulk baking soda.

We feel like we added TrapCoin and didn’t really give much to buy with it. We wanted to change that and so the Onion Farmer Markets was born. Now there is the ability to buy seeds, water, and baking soda off the darknet with TrapCoin. This will hopefully get the user to invest more in TrapCoin and reap the rewards. Make sure you buy TrapCoin low to get the best deal. Products can be more expensive or way cheaper depending on what the market price is.

Darknet Markets

Darknet markets now allow you to buy products in different weight amounts

The darknet market has had a “More Coming Soon” Label on it for some time. Now you can buy a pound, half pound, or quarter pound with in-game TrapCoin. This will fuel the in-game TrapCoin ecosystem and allow the player to get really cheap products and make more money. This can make it cheaper than ever before if you utilize the markets correctly. We still plan to add more to this and this may change depending on what we decide to do. The possibility of adding more drugs is still on the table, but wont come in this update.

Is That All?

Not even close. One of the biggest things we want to do is give Traphouse Druglord the ending it deserves and give the players what they want. We have a plan in mind, but we are unsure on how long it will take. There is a lot of testing left and a bunch of features we want to add to make Traphouse Druglord the best it can be. Let us know your thoughts and share what you think would make Traphouse Druglord better in the comments down below or on our social media pages.

*We will be updating this up until the release of the updated version

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